Martine Couture was my mother’s “brush” name.

My mother painted most of her life. She studied toward an Arts degree at U of T long ago; however, her studies ceased in her final year to meet the demands of motherhood.

During her studies  she benefited from the teachings of Charles Comfort and Art Lismer. In fact, the core of her work is Canadian scenery. “Today there is so much art that expresses anger or sorrow” she said, “my paintings connect their owners with nature.”

There is a period when our family resided in Westmount, Quebec, where she tried new subject matter including abstract and “la comedie humaine”. The latter was modern featuring humans often allegorically; hence, the overall body of her work can please the many.

Martine Couture 1929-2006


6 Responses to “About Martine”

  1. Oscar Solis Says:

    I came across these paintings in my search for the “Cloisonne” technique.

    I want to say they are beautiful and evocative and have a jewel like feel.

    They made me wish I could be right there, seeing that landscape, feeling the air.

    Take care,
    Oscar Solis

  2. Marie Says:

    Thank you Oscar. They are indeed special. Her style was unique and she used color like no one else in regard to nature and I dare say, still life. Thanks for your comments.

    My mother passed away in November 2006, with as little notice as 1.5 months that her illness would take her life. My father passed three months before that. We miss them both terribly. They were great intellects and great souls.

  3. Carl Do Says:

    We purchased one of your mother’s paintings at a gallery in PEI in the mid eighties and have thoroughly enjoyed the painting. A friend also purchased one of your mother’s paintings at the same time. She was a very talented artist and her painting remains a treasure. Rhea and Carl

  4. Marie Says:

    Thank you Rhea and Carl. My mother had a dear friend in PEI who ran a gallery there. I guess this is where you procured it. Had no idea. Thank you for your kind words; if only she could read them. Marie

  5. Joyce Surman Says:

    I have eleven of Edythe’s paintings and treasure them every day of my life. Edythe was a good friend and I still miss her greatly. Joyce Surman

    • Mary Magdalene Says:

      Hello Joyce, So nice to hear of you. I too miss her greatly. I will see her in heaven again soon. Her daughter M

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